Long Three Layer Niqab

Long Three Layer Niqab


Our Long Three Layer Niqab is made of ultra soft, premium quality Korean chiffon that is comfortable and breathable. Wasimah niqabs are tailored with exceptional fabrics, workmanship and attention to detail.

The niqab ties around the head for an adjustable fit. The forehead band is generous in height, eliminating the need to wear a cap with your hijab or jilbab. The eye section is designed offering generous width, to ensure there is sufficient space for those who wear glasses or otherwise. You can adjust the tension of the niqab tie, so the eye section sits comfortably and in accordance with your individual preference. There is extra length and width on all layers including the face cover, offering additional coverage.


Unique Specifications

  1. Extra length and width on the face cover
  2. Extra length on the additional layer
  3. Extra Height on the forehead band
  4. Extra length of the head tie
  5. Extra width for the eye section
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